Maine Permaculture Designers Guild (Proposed)

In 2013 The Resilience Hub proposes to coordinate a new way for permaculture designers to connect, collaborate and develop their practice of permaculture design while increasing the effectiveness of our work toward the permaculture ethics. The Maine Permaculture Designers Guild would be made up of Maine-based permaculture designers, educators and activists/organizers.

The Benefits of Membership

By joining the Maine Permaculture Designers Guild, members would enjoy:

  1. Listing in the electronic Maine Directory of Permaculture Designers to be published each March.
  2. A dedicated web page for your practice/business on The Resilience Hub’s web site, if desired.
  3. Ability to share business cards and fliers at the The Resilience Hub office on the “recommended services” board and at Resilience Hub / Portland Maine Permaculture events.
  4. Automatic membership in the new Northeast Regional Permaculture Design Business Guild (administered through PINE), including all the member benefits of that Guild (details of that guild are still in formation). Not included for the Design Apprentice member category.
  5. Access to a members-only forum for sharing best practices around design, business management, business opportunities and peer-to-peer problem-solving.
  6. Referrals for design work received by The Resilience Hub and/or the opportunity to participate in collaborative design projects for Resilience Hub Clients and Permablitz site residents.
  7. Access to the permaculture library of books and DVDs during regular office hours.
  8. Access to a work station in Portland during regular office hours (or other hours by prior arrangement).
  9. At least three months as a featured “sponsor” of the Portland Maine Permaculture web site. Not included for the Design Apprentice member category.
  10. Optional listing in our Permaculture Speakers Bureau for those who would like to make themselves available for public talks. Not included for the Design Apprentice member category.
  11. Ten percent discount on regularly-scheduled permaculture events of the Portland Maine Permaculture group.
  12. A $100 gift voucher toward a Permaculture Design Course or an Advanced Permaculture Design Course offered by The Resilience Hub. You can use this yourself or give it to someone you know.

Who is eligible to join?

Individuals who …

  • Have completed a Permaculture Design Certificate Course and, possibly, an Advanced Design Course
  • Live in Maine for at least part of the year
  • Have experience creating permaculture designs for stakeholders or clients other than themselves (although we have a membership category for Design Apprentices who would like to gain work experience on live projects for a year before obtaining full membership in the Guild)
  • Are earning or seeking to earn part of her/his livelihood from providing permaculture design services
  • Embrace the collaborative model
  • Commitment to a set of Guild ethics and standards, to be formulated by the founding members in the first half of 2013 (and commitment to working with the guild to resolve and difficulties meeting these ethics and standards).
  • Are committed to attending quarterly meetings (in person or via conference call) at least one annual gathering (in person) of Guild members to discuss opportunities ahead and the role of the Guild

The Maine Permaculture Designers Guild would be administered by The Resilience Hub with evolving guidance from a core group of active guild members. Contact us with questions or ideas. Membership is $12/month or $120 for the full year in cash or barter. Inquire separately about the Design Apprentice category membership amount. Renewals would be due by December xx of each year for the following year. Beginning in 2013, all of our Permaculture Design Course graduates would automatically receive membership in the Guild at the Design Apprentice level if they so choose.

Talk About It

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