Permaculture Design Service

ThumbnailPermaculture Designs can be created for homes, farms, gardens, businesses and communities.  Permaculture design takes the entire “system” of our built environment – the landscape, our homes, humans, nature, animals, plants, etc. – into account to create a truly sustainable and healthy model of living in and with natural systems while meeting human needs as well.

Properties that have been designed along permaculture principles are nurturing and beautiful, resilient and abundant.  They have a small carbon footprint while creating comfort, sustenance and support for their inhabitants – both human and otherwise!

Maine_permaculturePermaculture goes beyond ecological landscaping, native landscaping, edible landscaping, sustainable design and green building …

plan_small.jpgplan_small.jpgImagine …

  • Minimizing the amount of outside fuels and resources you need to run your home
  • Harvesting rain water on site for irrigation and other uses
  • A perennial edible landscape that provides food and wildlife forage for years to come
  • Living within a healthy ecosystem that has been designed to work in concert with nature’s patterns and rhythms
  • Creating a network of neighbors and community members working to create a low-energy, post-carbon future full of richness and abundance

All our design work is led by an experienced permaculture designer with support from a beginning or apprentice designer in order to ensure that each design process is also an educational opportunity providing valuable “on-the-job training” for designers in our region.  Design fees support this and other educational programming.

Residential Permaculture Design Options

All our design work starts with you! We consider ourselves to be “co-creators” with you of a design and plan that will work to meet your goals and needs.  To that end, we will start any design relationship by asking you to invest some time in filling out the Residential Permaculture Design Questionnaire before we schedule design work with you.

Option 1:  Permaculture “Walk-Over” Consultation Session - This is a great starting point for permaculture design work at your property and this service can either “stand alone” as a verbal consultation or lead to a fully drawn design if desired.  After reviewing your questionnaire in advance and doing some remote research, the designer will visit the property (for approx 2-3 hours depending on property size) and provide as much design guidance as possible during that period, including a specific list of design ideas for you to implement.  You are welcome to take notes, but for this option we do not provide a written report or drawn plan.
The cost for this service: $175 (plus mileage if >30 min drive from Portland) for up to 1 acre and $250 for more than 1 acre up to 2 acres.  Contact Lisa for other size properties.  Price is discounted for small lots less than one acre.  Price includes our advance research time to review your questionnaire  and other data about your site.   Payable by check, cash or debit/credit card at beginning of visit.  NEW:  Half of your design project can be paid for with hours from Hour Exchange Portland!

091113 421Option 2:  Complete Permaculture Design – After the initial session (see Option 1 above) we take all the information and observations away with us to create a beautifully drawn permaculture design for your property (color, poster-sized, suitable for display + an electronic copy).  We make a second visit to deliver and discuss your design.   You will receive a mounted hard copy plus an electronic copy on on disk.  We will also include a recorded “audio” walk-through of the design elements that you can play on your computer or mp3 player.

The cost for this service: Billed on an hourly basis.  The hours required depend on property size and complexity of design and can be discussed at the time of your live-design session.  Includes: creation of drawing(s), the additional visit to present and discuss the design, reprographics cost of printing, mounting and digitizing your design, recorded “audio” walk-through on disk.  Optional extra:  Full report outlining implementation steps, maintenance plan, budgets, detailed plant list and zone-by-zone strategies and recommendations.  NEW:  Half of your design project can be paid for with hours from Hour Exchange Portland!

Other Options:

If paying for a consultation or a design is beyond your financial reach, it is possible that your site might be suitable for hosting an “Intro to Permaculture Design Short Course” which results in a design recommendations and a rough draft design sketch.

Alternatively, we may be able to connect you with one of our student or apprentice designers who can offer a design for a lower price during their practice period.

Contact us to discuss the options!

Want to learn more about Permaculture?  Visit Portland Maine Permaculture, the most active permaculture meetup group in the world.

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